Thank you for visiting the Screen Area Enclosures web page.

We have been the distributors for the PGT Eze Breeze sliding panels for 27 years.  This website is designed to help you understand how Eze Breeze can turn your screen area into a weather tight area quickly and easily.  We can also assist you in finding a dealer in your area.

The Eze Breeze enclosure system is custom made.  It will work well for an existing porch or for new construction.  It is perfect for around a hot tub.  We have more than one style to choose from.  We can enclose porches, gazebos, breezeways, garages, condos, townhouses and just about any three season type area you can dream up!  The telescoping panels allow you to go from screen porch to 3 season porch with a “flip of the wrist”!

For those of you that build for a living, you will be amazed at what an open, outdoor feeling you can give your customer for their 3 season area. This product will make your building so simple.  Your clients will sit in a weather tight room yet feel they are virtually sitting outside!

Please contact us for more information.  We have lots of ideas and suggestions for you.

EZE-Breeze Vertical Four-Track

Since the screen on a screen enclosure is permanently affixed to the outside of the room, the vents of other vinyl units must be removed to enable cleaning. Due to the “step down” design of the Eze-Breeze vertical four-track units, the vents can be easily tilted in for cleaning.

The all aluminum extruded main frame guarantees strength and the fully weather-stripped, interlocking vents help to reduce air passage and prevent rattling.

A vertical fourth-track frame is also available with three vents. This is generally used when the width of the opening exceeds the height. The vertical three vent is the same price as the four vent vertical four-track.

All Eze-Breeze vertical fourth-tracks will have a vertical spread bar. (Exception: On units less than 30: in width, the spread bar can be left out if customer requests.)

Vinyl Glazing

The vinyl glazing used in Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels is lighter in weight and more affordable than glass. The tough, 10- mil vinyl offers a panoramic view, while keepi9ng wind and weather out. If accidentally distorted, the vinyl will return to is original ship within minutes. Clean with mild dishwashing detergent and clear water rinse. For best results, we recommend a d final cleaning with PGT Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative. Homeowners should remove vents if winds exceed 65 mph.

Like the screen enclosure itself, vinyl enclosures are not hurricane proof and in the event of high winds, vents should be removed or raised to prevent damage. Floor covering should be weather resistant.

Notice: Vinyl has inherent characteristics such as bubbles, blurs and hairline scratches. These are to be expected and not considered defects.